About RAM

We're working to restore a “common-sense coalition” in American politics from the voting booth, to the halls of Congress and state capitols, and in communities across America.

We are majority makers, the millions of men and women who for too long have been asked to swallow our principles while the increasingly radical bases in our parties elect dishonest, divisive and corrupt politicians. We are the voters who are ready to change American politics for the better, by electing better leaders.

The Renew America Movement will seek out, promote and campaign for candidates who live up to America’s core principles, stand up for our freedoms, and serve our great nation with integrity. This coalition is dedicated to creating a new political path forward, one that works for all Americans, and can win over the ‘moderate middle’ being abandoned by our political parties.

We are principled current and former Republicans building a movement to restore core American principles to our politics, beat back extremists infecting the GOP, and offer a unifying vision for our national future. This is a national movement dedicated to finding, campaigning for, and electing new leaders who live up to our core values and who put country over party. We are unafraid to cross party lines to support the best candidates, or to offer our own candidates running under the RAM banner. 

Be a part of the movement to renew America. Join us today.

Renew America Movement