Miles Taylor, IN
Co-founder & Advisor, REPAIR


Evan McMullin, UT
Executive Director, Stand Up Republic


Mary Peters, AZ
Fmr. U.S. Secretary of Transportation


Mindy Finn, DC
Executive Director, Stand Up Republic


Michael Steele, MD
Fmr. Chairman, RNC


Denver Riggleman, VA
Fmr. Congressman


Theodore Roosevelt IV, NY
Business Leader & Conservationist


Charlie Dent, PA
Fmr. Congressman


Reid Ribble, WI
Fmr. Congressman


Bill Weld, MA
Fmr. Governor of MA


Christine Todd Whitman, NJ
Fmr. Governor of NJ


Barbara Comstock, VA
Fmr. Congresswoman


Tara Setmayer, DC
Political Commentator


Charles Djou, HI
Fmr. Congressman


George Conway, DC
Conservative Attorney & Writer


John Kingston, MA
Investor and Political Activist


Jim Kolbe, AZ
Fmr. Congressman


Bob Worsley, AZ
American Businessman


Chris Vance, WA
Fmr. WA State GOP Chairman


Chad Mayes, CA
Minority Leader, CA State Assembly


Mike Madrid, CA
Political Strategist


Claudine Schneider, RI
Fmr. Congresswoman


Anthony Scaramucci, NY
Fmr. White House Communications Director


Rear Admiral(ret)
Tim Gallaudet, CA

CEO, Ocean STL Consulting


Susan del Percio, NY
Political Strategist


Jim Glassman, VA
Fmr. Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Affairs


Renew America Movement