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A Call for American Renewal

It is time for a new conversation in America about what we stand for, what we want the future of our country to be, and what we must do to ensure our security, prosperity, and unity.

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Welcome to the Renew America Movement!

If you’re fed up with the lies, conspiracism, and division that now dominate our politics, you're not alone. With much of the Republican Party gripped by extremism, countless Americans feel abandoned. It would be easy to give up in the face of such isolation and perceived helplessness.

But this is not a time for resignation. This is the time for principled Republicans, independents, and Democrats to join together and fight for a better future for America. We can’t afford to watch idly as democracy itself is under attack. It was that resolve that led to our release of A Call for American Renewal, our vision for new American leadership that continues to guide us now.

The Renew America Movement is a new home for the formerly politically homeless. Together we'll break the dysfunction in our political system by building a grassroots movement rooted in American principles like democracy, constitutionalism, the rule of law, and truth. While our immediate focus will be reforming the Republican Party, we aren’t holding our breath. That's why we welcome all Americans who embrace these values to the cause.

We are Renewers. We will enlist and elect principled leaders committed to American ideals, supporting “rational” public servants over those driven by extremism or self-interest. We will rally pro-democracy voters under the Renew America banner against those who have undermined our system of self-government. And we invite YOU to join us.

In the process, we will work to compel party leaders in Washington to make a crucial choice: Correct their path and join the revolution of the reasonable, or face the prospect of defeat. Regardless of their choice, we’ve made ours. We’re building a “common-sense” coalition, not only to repair our republic, but to renew it.

Welcome to the fight.

Evan McMullin and Miles Taylor


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Let's kick the radicals out!

When a Congressman tells you they’re going to abuse their power, believe them the first time. When that Congressman is the leader of his party, it’s time to take serious action. That’s what Kevin McCarthy did last week.

Scared about what an investigation might reveal about his and his colleagues’ involvement in January 6th, he promised if he ever got back control of the House, he’d corruptly use his power to punish companies that helped expose the truth.

As Americans, we have to ask ourselves, “does a party that openly threatens corruption, spreads conspiracy and welcomes extremists deserve to ever hold power again?”

RAM Chat with Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman

Renew America Movement Calls on Governors to Reject Partisan Attempts to Curtail the Right to Vote

The 2020 election was decided by a record turnout of nearly 160 million Americans. Since the election, some states are taking extreme measures to restrict voting, manipulate elections or empower state legislatures to overturn results. Such attempts to hurt the electoral process are undemocratic and un-American.

In response to these attacks, the Renew America Movement has released a letter calling on governors of all 50 states to stand up to these attacks on our elections. Among the signers are former Governors Bill Weld and Christine Todd Whitman. Other key signatories include: Lt. Gov and RNC Chair Michael Steele, as well as former Members of Congress Charles Djou, Claudine Schneider, Dick Zimmer, and Mickey Edwards.

RAM Chat with Officer Michael Fanone of the DC Metropolitan Police

RAM Chat with Pulitzer Prize winning journalist Carol Loennig

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